Gmgm India

2017 the Lord gave us a calling to be a helping hand for the poorest people in India. Global mercy gospel mission was created by the will of our father with the purpose to " spread the gospel- experience the mercy of God".

In 2021 we startet to build our own missioncenter in the town of Adimali/Kerala. Our goal is to complete the building as soon as possible and start a 1 year bibleschool there.

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BANKGIRO 332 - 2443

PLUSGIRO 48 48 79-2

Global mercy gospel mission / GMGM is a nonprofit gospel organization. We preach the gospel with mercy and love . In 2018 there was a devastating flood in Kerala /India. By Gods grace GMGM  was able to send over 600 foodpackages to the poorest people in the forest areas. 

We also startet a Bibleschool and a local congregation with the goal to give hope, light and salt to the people of India.

Thank you for your support

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