What we do

Worship meetings
Worship meetings

Worship on saturday

We meet in different homes to worship our Lord, to pray, to read and study the Bible and have great fellowship. 

Usually we meet 4 pm at Vitmåravägen 

Contact: Pastor Uwe Krause

070 792 84 24

Prayer meetings
Prayer meetings

Prayer on tuesday

We are connected to  www.norden7:14 ,    We also pray  regualary for Israel and the middleeast 

We meet at 7 pm at Vårgårdsvägen 7. 

Contact: Leif Forss

070 594 67 12

Gospel outreach
Gospel outreach

Gospelteam every day

We walk around at different places in Stockholm and travel around in sweden to preach the gospel

Every day, different time and location

Contact: Yosef Alfarhan

070 792 84 25